8PM l $15 l PG
The Blue Show
10PM l $15 l R
CSz 4 Kidz *
3PM l $10 l PG
7:30PM l $15 l PG
The Blue Show
10PM l $15 l R

SATURDAYS l 3:00pm l $10 per person
RUNNING TIME: ~ 75 minutes


Email us to learn more,
or to book a party!

comedysportz 4 kidz!

Come laugh with your kids as ComedySportz4Kidz makes them the stars of the show!

The show features child-sized versions of our critically acclaimed short-form improv games hosted by a ComedySportz Kidz Coach.

What ages? We've found that these shows work best for first graders and up. Younger kids enjoy being able to shout out during a show, and older kids (even teenagers at our shows) enjoy being given the chance to go crazy onstage.
need a different show date?
You can request an additional show be added to our calendar, without having to buy out the entire theatre for a private show!

Simply purchasing 20 seats covers our costs, and enables us to add your needed show date to our schedule.

Once you make your reservation, we open up the show to the public. (If you choose to also book a postshow party after the show - that party would be a private party.) We will reserve seats for your party celebrants in the front row and make a point of making your birthday child the star of the show! (Looking for a private show? Scroll down. . . )

Email us to learn more!
show & party package available . . .
Thanks to clever parents who have attended our shows and brought their own ideas along - we've been able to create a show and party format that allows you to have your whole celebration in one place!

COST: $10 per person for the show plus an additional $100.00 to stay after the show and party onstage. (This price is for parties of 30 kids or less.)

BUYOUT A SHOW: For $600.00, you can buy out the entire show. This price also includes the post show rental fee. (This price is for parties of 30 kids or less.)

~ FOOD & DRINK that you want to give to your guests. Please note, that this food must only be served once the show is over. Children may not be allowed to get up and snack during the show.
~ TABLECLOTHS, NAPKINS, UTENSILS, ETC that your guests will need.
~ COOLERS or NON-PERISHABLE FOODS as we do not have a fridge or freezer.
~ ALL FOOD & DRINK MUST STAY ON THE STAGE ~ What we have found works best is when parents bring in festive and inexpensive table cloths that match their party's theme. Those tablecloths are placed down on the stage, and the kids sit on the stage and eat picnic style.
Please no popcorn, silly string or glitter.

2:30pm ~ You (the hosts) arrive to set out any decorations or snacks you have brought along. The Comedy Spot will pull out more tickets than needed, confirm that number with the host, and hand one ticket to each guest. The remaining tickets will give us an accurate number of guests who attended. (So host/parent - you don't need to stress about keeping count of who arrives!)
2:45pm ~ Guests arrive, and we begin seating the guests. The members of the party are seated in the front, and the siblings and parents are seated behind the party guests.
3:00 to 4:15pm ~ Enjoy the show! Kids will be encouraged to shout out suggestions and play along onstage!
4:15pm ~ The show ends, and audience members who are not attending your party are thanked for coming . . . and ushered out . . .
4:15 to 5:00pm ~ Party time! We will help you tape down any tablecloths you brought along and the kids enjoy a picnic style snacktime and celebration on the stage.
4:45pm ~ Tell any parents who did not attend the show arrive to pick up their children at this time, so that if they return "late", they are still on time for you.
5:00pm ~ We help you roll up the tablecloths, clean up and return the possibly sugared up kids back to their parents!

We know it can be tricky making sure that all your child's friends can attend a party.
So, w
hen you book a party or private show - parents of the guests who are attending our "Show & Party Package" may attend the show for free. They can also bring along the siblings of invited guests for a half price admission.
Please note, these discounts are only for groups who are both attending the show, and renting our stage for a post show party or hosting a private/buyout show.

want a private show?
$600.00 = you can buy out a Saturday or Sunday 3:00pm show
(50 guests + $100 post show rental fee = $600.00 = you may as well buyout the show and have only your guests in the audience during the show portion of your party. . .)
We can also come to you!
The cost of having us come to you varies depending upon date, time and required cast size.
Email us to learn more!

need a template for invitations?
We've created a very basic pdf file, that you can print out!

Click HERE to go to the page of four birthday invites (3.11MB)
HERE for an individual invite (496KB)

got questions?

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